Dental Bonding in Fairview, Halifax, Can Bring Your Smile Back

What Is Dental Bonding?

Having cracked, chipped, or broken teeth is not only uncomfortable, but can undoubtedly affect your self-esteem and confidence. The good news is that new patients do not have to undergo major tooth repair or surgery to have healthy, strong dental work. Dental practitioners at the Fairview, Halifax, clinic can fix minor repairs painlessly doing a procedure called dental bonding, which uses composite resin, an enamel-coloured substance that can be moulded and hardened. Usually it only takes one appointment at the dentist for the composite resin procedure to be completed. Dental bonding is considered an affordable and painless solution for fixing chipped, broken, or fractured teeth in Fairview, Halifax.


Composite resin is a versatile, malleable material made out of plastic, which can be shaped to match your teeth, fill up any chips or cracks, restore broken teeth, and cover stained dental work. Veneers, which are thin shells attached to the front of teeth, can also be made from composite resin. Composite resin has a unique composition that bonds the resin and the natural tooth into one. Because composite resin is the same colour as tooth enamel, it is not visibly noticeable and blends right in.


Why Try Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is often a much more affordable option than most dental restorations. The cost will depend on the extent of the work and the dental clinic. Some insurance policies may also cover the procedure, which can alleviate the expense. The other positive aspect of dental bonding is that patients do not need an anaesthetic to undergo the process. The procedure does not require much drilling, so it is not considered to be an invasive process.


Drawbacks to Dental Bonding

There are some drawbacks to dental bonding. Some patients may find that composite resin may not last as long or be as durable as natural tooth enamel or porcelain, which is often the material used in dental crowns or veneers. If you get dental bonding work done on your teeth, be careful not to bite down too hard on food that has a hard texture. Sometimes dental bonding can lead to an unevenness in your bite. If this happens, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your dentist so that the dental work can be amended. 


Composite resin is also prone to staining since it’s more porous and vulnerable than regular tooth enamel or porcelain. If you consume coffee or red wine on a regular basis, you may notice how quickly stains can appear on your dental work.  You may want to cut down on consuming coffee and wine to prevent further staining.


Consider Dental Bonding

Compared to other procedures, dental bonding is an affordable option that can be completed in one appointment, as quickly as an hour per tooth. Most dentists are able to carry out this procedure as it does not require extensive training beyond the standard dental degree. New patients should discuss their options regarding dental bonding with their dental practitioner at the Fairview, Halifax, clinic. Dental bonding can be an effective, convenient, and affordable procedure to improve your overall dental health.

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